Ahmaud Arbery’s mother wants life sentence for man who filmed shooting

Ahmaud Arbery's mother wants life sentence for man who filmed shooting
Ahmaud Arbery (Photo:

Since footage of the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery was released to the media and eventually the public, many have wondered who was behind the lens and how that person was able to catch such timely camera work.

The footage shows two white men, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34, stalk Arbery to the point of a confrontation. After a brief struggle, Arbery was left with a deadly bullet wound to the chest, all of which was captured by William “Roddie” Bryan, according to multiple news outlets.

Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, has publicly called for the life sentence of Bryan and the other two men involved in the shooting.

“We want all parties involved to go to prison for life,” Cooper-Jones told TMZ Tuesday, May 12.

A lawyer for Arbery’s family, S. Lee Merritt, explained that Bryan should also be prosecuted because he “actively participated in the ambush according to previous statements by the McMichaels.” Merritt also indicated that his forensic expert “says that he was likely holding and brandishing a firearm.”

Bryan has denied any wrongdoing and told CNN that he hopes the footage “brings justice… and peace to the family.” His lawyer, Kevin Gough, says Bryan has no affiliation with the McMichaels.

The McMichaels are facing charges of aggravated assault and murder.

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