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Kaavia James and other babies are being tested in viral ‘fruit snack challenge’

We see Stormi addorably lean in to get a better look at the candy before leaning back and beginning to sing a sing, “Patience, patience, patience, patience, patience,” before coming back and her mother rewarded her.

This isn’t the first time a baby was able to pass the challenge by encouraging themselves.

One little girl, as she struggled to wait to eat the snack, said to herself, “Don’t eat it yet,” as she stared into the bowl. Then she said, “I must don’t touch.” (sic)

Her precious positive affirmations were obviously a big help because she was able to hold off until her mom came back.

While the #fruitsnackchallenge is trending now, the concept has been around for a while.

According to TIME magazine, a Stanford University psychologist, Walter Mischel, previously devised a Marshmallow Test to study the theory of self-control in children under 5-years-old.

It’ll be exciting for these parents to see how their kids mature and how their habits develop over the years. For now, this is a good lesson on patience for all of us who are well over the age of 5.

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