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Kaavia James and other babies are being tested in viral ‘fruit snack challenge’

Kaavia James Union Wade (Image source: Instagram – @kaaviajames)

As we know, frequent challenges come and go on the internet, piquing our interest for a brief moment before passing by. From the countless dance challenges to the endless amount of pranks, none is cuter than the last “Fruit Snack Challenge.”

The challenge, which was sparked on TikTok, finds parents testing their toddlers’ patience by placing an enticing bowl of candy in front of the babies. The next step is to tell them, “don’t touch it until I come right back,” before walking away for a brief moment. The goal is to see if the tots listen and practice patience. However, as we know, that isn’t always the case and, whether they achieve the goal or not, it’s always fun to watch kids be kids.

From Gabrielle Union and Kylie Jenner to everyday moms and dads, it seems this is currently a favorite among parents.

Here are some of our favorite videos from the challenge that made us laugh and go “aww.”

We love seeing Union and her 1- year-old baby girl Kaavia take over Instagram and this challenge was no different. Watch what happens as Queen Kaavia does her thing and shows them who’s boss.

Kylie Jenner tried the challenge out on her 2-year-old daughter, who she shares with rapper Travis Scott. In the video, you can see her placing a bowl of chocolates in front of her daughter before telling her to wait and then stepping away to the bathroom.

View her adorable video and more after the jump.

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