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Ayesha Curry blasted for shaming women over attire, then wearing tiny bikinis

Steph, Riley and Ayesha Curry (Image source: Instagram – @ayeshacurrry)

Back in 2015, Ayesha Curry, 31, delivered a message about modesty that riled the nerves of many Black women.

The culinary and restaurant maven and wife of NBA superstar Steph Curry, 32, indicated she was repulsed by women’s penchant for flashing skin publicly.

Those nonconfrontational words nevertheless created ripples that reverberated throughout Black America, particularly among women. Obviously, many females have not forgotten what they interpreted as a condescending tongue-lashing from a conservative rich woman. Worse, now that more photos of a skin-baring Ayesha Curry are populating her social media pages than in years past, many are calling the mother of three hypocritical.


More than that, some have accused the author of having tummy surgery after delivering her third child, Ryan, particularly after she admitted to USA Today that she had breast augmentation surgery after delivering her first child, Riley.

While some fans decried Curry’s alleged double-talk, others are supporting Curry’s decision to floss her post-baby body for the ‘Gram. Another group of social media users are telling Curry’s critics to get a life.

And the debate rages on below: