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Jill Scott called unattractive by ex-NFL player and Twitter loses it

Jill Scott called unattractive by ex-NFL player and Twitter loses it
Kyles Quiero (Photo source: Instagram –

Jill Scott may not sport the type of avid, drooling-at-the-mouth fan base that Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj and others have encircling them, but that does not give you permission to come after the beloved “A Long Walk” singer without cause or provocation, as one ex-NFL player learned the hard way.

Kyle Queiro is the ex-NFL player who, according to his Instagram account, is quite fond of his own face as every single photo is a close-up of himself. He used Twitter on Saturday to express how dumbfounded he was that fans find the singer-songwriter attractive or beautiful.

“People are attracted to JILL SCOTT!?” Queiro actually printed, emphasizing her name in all-caps. “So it’s an energy thing. Got it. & by no means she is ugly. But y’all really sexually aroused by her huh?”

The backlash quickly rained down on Queiro in a torrential downpour of righteous indignation.

A second person flamed Queiro with: “Jill Scott slander will never be tolerated. Just say you like white women and go.”

Others quickly piled on and pounded Queiro.

  • “Kyle Queiro got on Beyonce’s internet & questioned how anyone could be attracted to Jill Scott. Like he can’t fathom that a plus size woman can be physically attractive and sexy. Fatphobia is real.”
  • “Put his whole a** foot in his mouth. Yes, many people are attracted to Jill Scott. No, it’s not just an energy thing. Jilly from Philly is just fine as hell. I’m offended by this level of ignorance. That is all.”
  • Jill Scott “looks like the sun so I know denying her attractiveness is ridiculous.”
  • “How did he even fix his hands to tweet something like that about Jill Scott?”

After a few hours of being charbroiled over the hot Twitter grill, Queiro changed his tune.

Jill Scott called unattractive by ex-NFL player and Twitter loses it

Queiro found his mea culpa was woefully insufficient to quell the ire as he deleted this post from Twitter as well.

The “Golden” singer, in response, did not even address Queiro’s infantile and petty tweet, but instead leveraged the opportunity to advocate for slain innocent victim Breonna Taylor.

Scott later acknowledged that the wave of compliments and positivity toward her was gratifying.

Later on, the thoroughly shamed gridiron player came back with quite an eloquent apology that not only addresses his transgression but also pays homage to Scott.

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