Nick Cannon fires back at Viacom, demands an apology

Nick Cannon fires back at Viacom, demands an apology
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Nick Cannon fired back at Viacom after his show “Wild N Out” was fired by ViacomCBS for what the company called “anti-Semitic” views he gave during his podcast, “Cannon’s Class.” During the podcast, which featured rapper Professor Griff, Cannon said, “[Blacks] are the same people who they want to be. That’s our birthright. We are the true Hebrews.”

He also gave his theory on the cause of White supremacy by saying, “Those without dark skin have a “deficiency” that historically forced them to act out of fear and commit acts of violence to survive. They had to be savages,” he said.

After the firing, Cannon responded with a lengthy message on his Facebook page.

“The moment was stolen and highjacked to make an example of an outspoken Black man,” Cannon said. “I will not be bullied, silenced, or continuously oppressed by any organization, group, or corporation. I am disappointed that Viacom does not understand or respect the power of the Black community.”

Cannon spoke about his career with ViacomCBS, which began as a teenager during his years at Nickelodeon. He thanked several individuals at the company for helping during his time there, but also blasted the company for its quick decision.

“I honestly can’t believe that Viacom has such poor council that would allow them to make such a divisive decision in the midst of protests and civil uprising within our current pandemic,” he said. “Truly an unwise decision. For them to take it one step further and flat out lie in their official press release, saying that I didn’t attempt to reconcile the situation when on two separate occasions I specifically acknowledged and openly requested a forum to be corrected. Malcolm X said it best, ‘The media is the most powerful entity on earth, it will have you hating the people being oppressed and loving the people doing the oppressing; making the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent.'”

Cannon said that he received death threats and has been called the ‘N-word’ by those who are upset with his statements. He issued an apology to the Jews.

“I must apologize to my Jewish brothers and sisters for putting them in such a painful position, which was never my intention, but I know this whole situation has hurt many people, and together we will make it right.”

He ended the statement by demanding an apology from Viacom and full ownership of his brand.

“I am the one making demands,” he said. “I demand full ownership of my billion-dollar ‘Wild ‘N Out’ brand that I created, and they will continue to misuse and destroy without my leadership! I demand that the hate and back door bullying cease and while we are at it, now that the truth is out, I demand the Apology!”

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