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Keke Palmer and SCJR Productions host virtual workshop with Chicago students

Latavia Upshaw, Alabama A&M University: Have you ever lost your voice or your passion?

Palmer: I lost my voice before. I’ve been afraid to speak up definitely when I was younger and going through my adolescence because so many people had just seen me as a kid, so it got to the point for me as a young woman to develop boundaries. Those are some things that, I think, even if I wasn’t an entertainer I would go through. Sometimes, as young people, or as human beings, we grow through different experiences. Sometimes you forget how to reach out to yourself.

Reign Suber, Perspectives Charter Schools: What would you say was the hardest part about acting?

Palmer: This depends on what role you play or what role you are playing, but taking on the emotions of a character can be very tasking. I think that’s what some people don’t often think about when they think about acting or [being] in a movie. As I got older, I realized that it’s very important as an actor for you to really realize that that is an instrument, and so it is important to take breaks. It’s important to really mentally prepare yourself for a deep role that you are going into.

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