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Entertainment » LisaRaye says she’s down for an entanglement with Will Smith

LisaRaye says she’s down for an entanglement with Will Smith

Should Jada Pinkett Smith feel some kind of way about what LisaRaye said about her husband Will? (Photo credit: Splash news)

LisaRaye got quite suggestive — and some might say disrespectful — when she told a fellow actress that she would love to get into an “entanglement” with box office heavyweight Will Smith. 

Entanglement, of course, is the new buzzword of the summer after Smith’s wife Jada admitted that she had an extramarital affair with a man two decades younger than her in singer August Alsina (Alsina was 23 at the time). The caveat is that both Jada Pinkett and Will Smith revealed on the hit “Red Table Talk” show that they were in the throes of a bitter separation that seemed irreconcilable at the time.

The Smiths, of course, have since reconciled. However, LisaRaye revealed to the host of the “Going to Bed with Garcelle Beauvais” podcast her ideal sexual partners.

The answer to Beauvais’ question shot of her mouth like a cannon: “Oh, I can tell you right now. Will Smith.”

Beauvais, who dated Smith before he married Jada Pinkett, immediately held up the stop sign to LisaRaye.

“GIRL, you can’t pick him!” Beauvais exclaimed.

To which LisaRaye retorted defiantly: “Why I can’t??? We can have an entanglement.”

LisaRaye quickly moon-walked her answer and then said she was looking for a “Will Smith type.” But she indicated that she finds Smith very attractive because “he’s so charming, he’s rich, he’s poetic, he’s a philanthropist, he’s a humanitarian, he’s a great dad.”

Old school fans will remember that LisaRaye and former friend Duane Martin starred in a sitcom created by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith called “All of Us” that ran mostly on the UPN channel from 2003-07.

What do you make of LisaRaye’s statements regarding Smith? Did she disrespect Jada Pinkett Smith?