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Kanye blasted after claiming he is on the presidential ballot in 9 states

Kanye West (Photo credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency via Bang Media)

Kanye West continues to push for his name to be on the presidential ballot in multiple states. The embattled rapper tweeted on Aug. 21 that his name is currently on nine ballots.

“Praise God…look at all the ballots we’re on,” West tweeted. “Oklahoma, Arkansas, Vermont, West Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Utah, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia.”

However, those states have yet to confirm if West is on the ballot at press time.

West’s tweet came hours after Politico reported that the rapper would not be on the ballot in Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

In his home state of Illinois, the Board of Elections ruled on Aug. 21 that West did not gather enough qualified signatures to be placed on the ballot, which was 2,500. West reportedly only submitted 1,200 valid signatures. On Aug. 20, Wisconsin’s Board of Elections ruled that West’s team turned in signatures too late for his name to be added to the ballot.

Many people view West’s presidential run as a complete joke, or a way to possible siphon votes from the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Democratic ticket.

West is running as a member of the “Birthday Party” and he appeared to have a complete meltdown during his first campaign speech in Charleston, South Carolina in July. During the infamous speech, West cried when revealing that he almost encouraged his wife, Kim Kardashian, to abort their first child, North West. He also told the audience, “Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other White people.”

So while West continues his dream to be president or serve as a spoiler, many U.S. citizens are taking aim at him for not taking the 2020 election seriously.