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Designer Areeayl Goodwin describes how she felt when Beyoncé wore her jewelry

Areeayl Goodwin of Beads Byaree (Photo provided)

If one-of-a-kind keepsake jewelry is what you desire, look no further than Beads Byaree. The owner, Areeayl Goodwin, handcrafts whimsical brass jewelry that is a surefire conversation starter.

The Philadelphia native graduated from Howard University with a bachelor’s in acting.

Today, she creates jewelry inspired by the world around her. Goodwin’s designs have amassed a wide following of over 100K and have even captured the attention of top-notch celebrities. Some of her pieces were recently worn by Beyoncé in her visual album, Black Is King. 

We spoke with Goodwin about her designs and what it’s like to be featured by celebrities.

What was your introduction to the jewelry business?

When I was 16 years old I just went to a craft store and I saw a bunch of earring hooks sold by the 100. I asked my mom why they were selling them and she told me people make jewelry. I don’t know why I didn’t know that people made jewelry, but I bought that and a spool of wire and went home and created my first piece of jewelry. It was pretty complex, it was my name spelled out. I started selling them in a shoebox. I became the jewelry designer at my creative and performing arts high school. That’s where I started, but I stopped and went to college. Beads Byaree started up at Howard [University] years later.

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My Iya (god mom) is my home. She has taught me love . Because of her I know love is always acceptance. Love is my home. The people in these photos, my family and friends are my love. I am my love. I worked on these pieces as I was going back home to my self, to my family and as the most influential person in my life left this earth and traveled back home. It’s been a challenging time to talk about, even to share the work I’ve created. I’ve felt my throat chakra close, I’ve felt cold, I’ve felt distant. I’ve been on a journey deeper inside. The outcome from this time to myself is a stronger practice to love deeper and more often and the creation of my “Going Back Home” Collection. The pieces here are full of joy and are made with love and the inspiration to truly be all we are, each side of who we are right now. Embrace it all and accept everyone else just the same. With these pieces I am creating more of the energy I want to see for everyone and feel for myself. “Going Back Home” the collection is available now on . Thank you for your love , to all my customers, supporters, family, friends, fellow artists . Always 🕊 Thank you @rocknrollazero -photography & @magicmamii -model

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What was your inspiration for creating keepsake jewelry?

My godmother has been like the biggest inspiration in my life. When I created this specific piece and the collection that it came from it was about two years ago when she passed away. I was going through healing and surrounding myself with family and staying home. I moved back to Philadelphia from Los Angeles and I was there for months. Even before she passed I was in the hospital with her. I just collected everything that brought me healing — the music, the sights, the picture memories, and created a collection from it. It was really just an artist using their life, pain, as an outlet to heal and I didn’t know that it was going to be such a success.

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