Lenor Sherman empowers others to build wealth by investing in real estate

Lenor Sherman empowers others to build wealth by investing in real estate
Lenor Sherman (Photo provided)

Some people might believe that real estate investors make their wealth simply by purchasing and selling homes. But the field of real estate offers a variety of options that require a multiplicity of skill sets. One can be a real estate broker, an investor, a property developer, and much more. Very few real estate professionals wear as many hats as Lenor Sherman.

The native Chicagoan has 22 years of experience in a wide range of real estate areas, including project management, asset management, construction, property flipping, real estate education and property management. She’s currently using her experience to educate and advise real estate agents who are new to the industry. Check out what this savvy entrepreneur had to say about real estate investing.

What are the key things you need to be a successful real estate investor?

You must have a purpose and a plan for investing. Learn the market you want to work in. Learn to assess risk. Be honest and work with good integrity. Always remain a student, things are always changing. Invest in a good accountant.

What is the biggest challenge that people face in the beginning stages of real estate investing?

The biggest challenge is obtaining real knowledge. It’s important to build relationships and start to network with people who are actually successfully investing.

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