RL says Janet Jackson, Jodeci, Jon B. inspired new project, ‘The Letter J’

RL says Janet Jackson, Jodeci, Jon B. inspired new project, 'The Letter J'
(Photo credit: Kevin Goolsby)

Robert Lavelle Huggar, better known by the moniker RL, represents an era when true R&B reigned. As a member of the singing group Next and as a solo artist in the late 1990s and early 2000s, RL released classic tunes such as “We Can’t Be Friends” and  “The Best Man I Can Be.”

The Minneapolis native recently released a new project, The Letter J. 

During a recent interview on rolling out‘s “AM Wake-Up Call,” RL discussed his new music and legacy.

With the new project, you pay homage to Jodeci, Jon B. and Janet Jackson. What inspired you to pay homage?

It’s nostalgic for me because it take me back to a certain place. They’re people who I am a fan of. I was able to meet Janet Jackson through Jimmy Jam [Harris III] and Terry Lewis. Jon B. is super cool with me. And we were totally inspired by Jodeci growing up. The only artist that I didn’t use that I wanted to use was Joe. It was about finding tracks that we could flip [that] my original audience would like and [and that would] appeal to my new audience. At my age, there’s a super thin line in trying to sound too young and sounding old. We have to straddle that line.

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