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Election week for introverts

Election week for introverts
Photo credit: Jeff Sciortino

Introverts, how are you feeling right now about the election? I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling anxious, excited, concerned and uneasy. We need extra time to process and analyze when confronted with a challenge or project, because this is typically how we give our best. But oddly enough, I’m processing in advance over a situation that I can’t truly control, nor can I predict the outcome.

Yes, I voted. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the fact that there’s an uneasiness in my gut about the outcome of this election, and I have angst about the aftermath of events that may occur based on the results. I’m anxious because never before have I seen people so angry, so vocal, so critical, so disrespectful, so mean, and so outright bogus. What will happen when their candidate of choice wins, or their candidate of choice loses?

Introverts typically are the ones bringing the calm when there’s chaos, and the voice of reason for the unreasonable. Introverts usually are the laidback types, the low-key ones, but some of us are riled up over this and have been using our voices in different ways to show it. Some of us choose to express our feelings externally, and others choose not to, but I’ll bet we all are feeling some sort of angst right now.

I’m hopeful that we don’t have to throw on our capes and use our superpowers to bring the peace (although we will if we have to). I’m hopeful that there are no sore losers who choose to fight, cheat, maim, and steal after the decision has been made. I’m hopeful that 2020 ends on a high note, and that our country is able to mend and heal.

And for you introverts who make up 33-50% of the world (yep there are a lot of us)… go on and process your feelings, and then hold it down for your family and friends in the way that only you know how.  Bring the calm, bring the cheer, bring the balance. Bring whatever is needed, introverts, because that’s what you do best in your own special way.

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