7 New Year’s resolutions for introverts

We live in a society that values and rewards the most extroverted behaviors – the loudest, most talkative, most outwardly expressive. Yet, half of us do not exude those characteristics. According to the personality inventory experts, recent research shows that 57 percent of the world prefers introversion, which is the complete opposite of extroversion. Introverts […]

The story and inspiration behind Black Introvert Week

In July of 2020, I had an idea. I wanted to get one day of the year designated as Black Introvert Day. So I tried. In July, October, and then again in November 2020, I submitted requests for Black Introvert Day to be recognized. After not hearing back from the organization that manages the national […]

Election week for introverts

Introverts, how are you feeling right now about the election? I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling anxious, excited, concerned and uneasy. We need extra time to process and analyze when confronted with a challenge or project, because this is typically how we give our best. But oddly enough, I’m processing in advance over […]

How do introverts protest?

Introverts protest the same way we do anything in life — with substance, with analysis and with reflection. Black introverts feel deeply about what’s happening in the world today but must know ourselves well enough to choose our lane of comfort or create a new one. What that means is we must use our voices […]