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How do introverts protest?

How do introverts protest?
Introvert and activist Collette Brown Rogers protests through art — artivism, if you will — including with this piece titled “Tribute to George Floyd.” (Courtesy of Collette Brown Rogers)

Introverts protest the same way we do anything in life — with substance, with analysis and with reflection.

Black introverts feel deeply about what’s happening in the world today but must know ourselves well enough to choose our lane of comfort or create a new one. What that means is we must use our voices in ways that best serve the cause while remaining true to our authentic selves.

For introverts who don’t mind crowds and can best serve by rallying others, then do so, but for the rest of us, consider using your strengths and gifts to show support in other ways.

Photograph, draw, paint. If something meaningful and powerful is happening in front of you, take part in this revolution by depicting and chronicling it through your craft. However your creativity manifests, share if you’re so inclined or keep for your own personal reflection and inspiration.

Write, chronicle, author. Capture your feelings and observations through writing, poetry and song.  This can be therapeutic for you, as well as an education for future generations because guess what? 2020 is history in the making, and we all have a role to play.

Give, contribute, offer. Donate to an organization or business that supports the movement. Offer support for your friend who’s out protesting by providing water, ideas and praise. Tip your food delivery person or server extra $$$ for providing your meal. Share your talent by doing something at no cost for someone who needs it, or listen to someone who just needs to be heard.

This is how we do it.  Please understand and support the way we protest just as we support you.

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