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Billy Porter wants to remind young people that Pride is ‘not just a party’

The singer-actor says the younger generations need to remember that Pride was and is a protest
Billy Porter
Billy Porter (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Billy Porter wants to remind young people that Pride is “not just a party.”

The Broadway star is adamant that, while he still believes in the idea of “partying” for LGBTQIA+ people, he urged the generation coming up behind them that they need to take an interest in politics to make sure things stay as they are.

“Pride is a protest. It’s time for the elders to remind the kids that this is protest. It’s not just a party. Trust me, I believe in the party. You have to. Yes and Yes. And [also] contacting your local representatives [and] getting involved in local government. Vote b—-!” he told Us Weekly.

The former “Pose” actor claimed that his community is the “change” that is needed in the world and that he and several others are just “waiting” to be a part of the space as he mentioned the Bros organization, which is dedicated to empowering men’s friendships.

“Bros is an organization that stands in the gap for young people, underprivileged, BIPOC folks, Black and Brown folks. And we’re in a space right now where we are the change that we must be. We are the change that we’re waiting for, and it’s wonderful to be in this space and be reminded of that,” Porter said.

The Emmy-winning star recently insisted while starring in the movie Our Son that he was “tired” of coming out stories and hinted that the way forward within the world was to discuss what happens to a person after they disclose their sexuality.

“To have it be about humans — not a heterosexual, not a homosexual — but the breakdown of a human marriage was really important to me,” Porter explained.

“Because as a 54-year-old black, out, queer — whatever you want to call it — gay man, who’s been in the business for over 30 years, I’ve been watching ‘coming out stories’ for 30 years,” he continued.

“I am tired of them. We got that story. Let’s now talk about what happens after coming out!” Porter told Sky News.

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