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Aja Naomi King

Why Aja Naomi King hates taking a bath

Aja Naomi King hates having a bath because she doesn’t like being near the toilet. The “Lessons in Chemistry” actress – who has two-year-old son

How do introverts protest?

Introverts protest the same way we do anything in life — with substance, with analysis and with reflection. Black introverts feel deeply about what’s happening

What introverts want for Christmas, part 2

By Jeri Bingham Hey, extroverts! It is that time of year where you thrive with the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and consecutive Christmas

What introverts want for Christmas

This Christmas, think about the introverts in your life because chances are that one of the closest people to you – your partner, child, parent or best friend – is an introvert.

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