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What introverts want for Christmas

What introverts want for Christmas
Photo credit: Jeff Sciortino

by Jeri Bingham

This Christmas, think about the introverts in your life because chances are that one of the closest people to you — your partner, child, parent or best friend — is an introvert.  Introverts make up one-third to one-half of the world, so whether or not it’s acknowledged or even recognized, please know that they are in your life, both personally and professionally, and they are probably important to you.

First, what is an introvert? If you don’t already know, it’s probably that person in your life that you can’t live without, the one who brings balance and often is the one who brings the calm.  It’s the person that may want more alone time than you, or who may relish quiet and solitude to think, or just be.

It’s the person that may not want to go to a party with you every Friday night but instead may just want to hang back alone at home, or chill with you at their favorite spot for a quiet dinner talking about things that matter.  It’s the person who is best at listening, observing and giving advice, and who knows you better than you know yourself.   So for you extroverts out there … it’s the person who’s the yin to your yang.

Since many introverts are misunderstood, here are a few ideas of what to give your introvert for Christmas!

If you’re that extrovert who loves an introvert, the best thing you can give is understanding.  You should already know that your introverted partner or friend is not trying to kick it for 12 hours straight with a house full of family and friends on Christmas – maybe a few hours, but not all day!  If that introvert strays into a quiet bedroom or chooses to sit on the porch, or sits on the steps to the basement alone for a little bit, let them be.

Introverts, who are wired differently, are highly sensitive to stimulation and can become exhausted from multiple personalities, energies, sounds, noise, lights and action. So while the extroverts may love all the activity for hours on end and thrive on it, the introvert is the opposite and may need a break — so give it to them.

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