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The story and inspiration behind Black Introvert Week

Jeri Bingham is founder and host of the “HushLoudly” podcast on WGN Radio in Chicago and creator of Black Introvert Week. (Photo credit: Jeff Sciortino)

In July of 2020, I had an idea. I wanted to get one day of the year designated as Black Introvert Day. So I tried. In July, October, and then again in November 2020, I submitted requests for Black Introvert Day to be recognized. After not hearing back from the organization that manages the national calendar day database for the third time, I started to feel discouraged.

But I was determined to see this through. Knowing that the organization only accepted requests from companies, I had submitted my requests through HushLoudly. But then I thought, “Hmmm…Maybe I should ask someone with a larger company to help?”

Munson Steed was the first person who came to mind because: 1) he had been extremely supportive of the introvert movement, helping to amplify our voices; and 2) he had always given great advice and ideas on all my projects. I thought surely with his connections and the number of brands and companies under this belt, that together, we’d get a response. This was our conversation.

Me: “I need your help.”

Munson: “What do you need?”

Me: “I’m not hearing back from the organization regarding my request to create Black Introvert Day, so I was wondering could we submit in partnership since you have more brand and name recognition than I do?”

Munson: “Why do you have to ask anyone’s permission to create this day? Why can’t you do it? Why don’t you ask your friends and other introverts to support it? You put it out there.”

Me: “Huh? What? That never crossed my mind.”

Munson: “I know. Now do it.”

My friend’s response both shocked and inspired me. But as usual, he was right. If you believe in something, do it.

And so I’m proud to report that, after that conversation with Munson, I decided to dream even bigger. Over the past two to three years, I have been witnessing a movement led by introverts. I also have a deep understanding of the challenges that I and my Black peers face – especially in the workplace, where our personalities, preferences and demeanors are often misunderstood. I’ve been wanting to acknowledge these phenomena. Wanting to honor this community and amplify our journeys, ideas, businesses and voices. Now I’ve realized one day is not enough. We need at least a week of celebration, especially in 2021.

HushLoudly is proud to proclaim Black Introvert Week, Feb. 8-15. Join in on the celebration and register at

And this message goes out to everyone reading this: Dream it. Create it. Do it.

Thank you, Munson Steed.