How Jamisa Mclvor went from supermarket cashier to managing 23 properties

How does your investor program differ from others?

We teach investing strategies that can be applied to beginners who do not have the knowledge, capital or credit, and we help them thrive. There’s no other program that teaches clients how to purchase $600 properties. The best part is that the curriculum is taught by me. I have over 20 properties, and I purchased them all in cash except one.

Which method of investment would be most conducive — flipping or wholesaling?

They are both similar but wholesaling because it alleviates the work required in flipping. I prefer the stability of buying and holding property. You can be paid continuously even after the work is done, and the best part is that you also have an asset that will appreciate over time. My company teaches clients how to purchase investment properties for $600, we then assist them in selling those properties for more so that they can build the capital to buy and hold properties.

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