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Adrien Broner claims he can’t afford pedicure for hideous toes (photos)

Adrien Broner claims he can't afford pedicure for hideous toes (photos)

Adrien Broner (Image source: Instagram – @adrienbroner)

Fledgling boxer Adrien Broner has been harping about his very thin pockets recently. But fans were ill-prepared to see just how broke the former millionaire is.

The four-time boxing champ, once one of Floyd Mayweather’s promising protégés, shamelessly admitted to his 1.1 million followers that he’s too broke at this point to even get a pedicure for his grotesque feet.

Adrien Broner claims he can't afford pedicure for hideous toes (photos)
Adrien Broner’s feet (Image source: Instagram – @adrienbroner)

Broner, 31, then put out a plea for someone to possibly mend those darkened digits on his mangled feet.

“Can somebody do my feet please? Since I am down to my last $13 nobody will touch my feet 🤦🏾‍♂️ I can’t wait to be rich as fuck again after February 13th #SoonToBe5x🆎.”

Very few people took pity on the frequently arrested boxer with known mental health issues. Instead, the father of five quickly became the object of some witty and innovative jokes on IG.

@rodeyrod said “Im callin the cops 😂😂,” while @lil_nickkk_ asked “Why his toes throwing up gang signs?”😂.

@drippadabarber asked incredulously: “Whoa man how you walk on them?”

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@vanessacotchery suggested Broner “just bite off the left, big toe 🧟‍♂️.”

And the jokes just kept coming.

“I was eating breakfast 😒.”

“Damn u been using your feet to fight this whole time🥴😭.”

“Water is used to wash your feet it’s free.”

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