Master P debuts new romantic comedy and has a message about Black love

Master P debuts new romantic comedy and has a message about Black love
Master P (Photo provided by GC Public Relations)

Percy Miller, who’s better known by his stage name, Master P, is consistently making headlines for his entrepreneurial endeavors. Whether it’s launching his breakfast food line or investing in a new energy efficient car created by a Black engineer, it’s no secret that Miller is committed to being the ultimate example in his personal mantra that ownership is key. While we are used to seeing him push economics, it’s rare we get Miller’s views on love and relationships but promoting his new romantic comedy, “Never and Again” provided an opportunity to get his take on relationships and how the Black community needs to show more love as a whole, especially during the month dedicated to both love and Black history.

We always get your advice on economics and ownership, but what advice do you have with people struggling with their personal relationships during this time?

I think people have to understand that money and material things cannot buy love or respect. This last year has hopefully shown people what really matters in life but before you try to have a relationship with someone else you have to start with yourself. You have to love yourself before you can love someone else. It’s important to make yourself happy first before you can expect someone else to add to that happiness. Once you love yourself and you really understand yourself, it’s easier to communicate how you feel to someone else. We know communication in relationships is key, but everything starts with your relationship with yourself. This movie is great because it shows relationships in a personal way. There is a lot in the story that people will be able to relate to when it comes to love and faith and growth.

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