Professional drag racer Dystany Spurlock explains her burning need for speed

Professional drag racer Dystany Spurlock explains her burning need for speed
Dystany Spurlock (Photo courtesy of JT Norton and Horne Brothers)

Dystany (pronounced Destiny) Spurlock could be a walking billboard for the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” She has the look and frame of a model, a warm, delightful personality and a winning smile. However, inside she has the spirit of a raging bull who regularly competes against her male counterparts as a drag racer. She also played football in high school and was recently recruited to take part in Lexus’ “0 To 60” YouTube series (streaming now).

Dystany sat down with us to discuss her passion for racing, her burning need for speed and more.

Okay, how on earth did you get into drag racing motorcycles?

Okay, well, I got started racing motorcycles, because when I was 12 years old, my godfather, I went to the drag strip with him and I was like, “Okay, I love this. I think I want to do this.” So when I turned 17, my mom got me my first motorcycle. I raced it for about two months. Then I got the chance to race the BMW S1000 performance bike by Brock and I became an ambassador for BMW and it’s been history ever since.

Was there any pushback from other family members? 

No, I’ve never had any pushback from my family. When I was four years old, my mom told me to never be that kid that standing back in the classroom saying, “Dang, I wish I would have.” So she kind of set the tone for me at an early age. My family [has] always been behind me and nobody has ever said, “You think you want to do this?”They’re more like, “Okay, she wants to do this. Let’s, go for it.”

When did you start playing football? Did you start with street football? Like going to the local elementary to play on the field… Was that you?

Yes. That was me… playing football around the neighborhoods… I never really thought me playing then would make me want to play in middle school and high school. But it started in middle school. That’s when I first tried out and then I played in high school also.

How did you get connected with the Lexus brand in the 0 to 60 series? 

I got an email, which I thought was spam mail and I was like, “This isn’t real.” But then I wrote back and [made] contact with the lady and one of the producers said, “I would love for you to be a part of this. Would you want to do it?” Yes, without question! And then we went out to California to shoot it and yeah, that was an experience. I wish I could drive cars like that every day, all day.

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