Luxury skin care line created by Black millennial enhances melanin-rich tones

Iyere sought to discover how to best meet the needs of women dedicated to the health and maintenance of their skin, utilizing premium all-natural and organic ingredients along with the latest advances in skin care technology, so she collaborated with chemists to develop Kokanni for women of color. Her mission is to intertwine the health and beauty industries.

“Any woman can benefit from the Kokanni products,” Iyere said. “However, women of color have lower levels of ceramide molecules in their skin that help retain moisture. Women of color also have higher transepidermal water loss and decreased water content. The formulations of the Kokanni Cosmetics products are derived with these key factors in mind.”

Currently, Iyere is busy formulating a cleanser for acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation and developing a Kokanni body care line that will feature body butters and scrubs.

In the meantime, she recommends the following daily beauty regimen for glowing skin: Take vitamins (multivitamin, vitamin C with rosehips, vitamin D with calcium, and biotin) and get most of your water intake when you are wash your face every morning.

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