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TikTok twins speak out after their father is gunned down

TikTok twins speak out after their father is gunned down
Image source: Facebook @Fam0us.Twinsss

They say that money is the root of all evil. Tragically, a father of two well-known twin sisters lost his life over an alleged financial dispute.

Twin sisters, Allie “Nem” Bentley and Sway Bentley, are known for their gangsta raps and TikTok videos. The Mobile, Alabama twins refer to themselves as the “FamOus Twins” since the sisters have gained notoriety because of their videos that have acquired a million followers. Now, the sisters are using their fame for a different reason as they are speaking out about the tragic death of their father, 47-year-old James Walters. In addition, the sisters created a Go Fund Me account to raise burial funds.

Walters was fatally shot and rumors are swirling about his tragic demise. The sisters are now using their social media platform to set the record straight about their beloved father’s death.

A horrific video began circulating on the internet showing the final moments of James Walters’ life. The video is heartbreaking as one of the twins can be heard shouting to her father that they were sorry. Calling for her dad, it appears that the recorder of the video is also talking to the alleged shooter as one of the sisters screams that her dad is dying. It is extremely hard to watch as well confusing.

Who shot Walters and why? Sadly, Walters lost his life on June 29. It’s unclear what led to the shooting but the twins took to their Instagram account to share a photo of their dad while dispelling rumors.

TikTok twins speak out after their father is gunned down
Image source: Facebook @Fam0us.Twinsss

The last picture I took comment A real hero ❤️💯 that’s what my daddy is y’all he save me I was scared y’all help we wasn’t about no money 😭Ps twin nem

According to NBC 15, the twin sisters were having a heated debate that required their parents to step in as mediators. The sisters allegedly signed a record deal with a local rapper and money was deposited into their bank accounts. Apparently, the sisters were having a heated debate about the funds. Walters, along with the mother of the twins, reportedly arrived at the twins’ home to help them settle the feud. When Walters arrived, twin Sway Bentley’s boyfriend was on the scene as well. Both men were armed and began to argue. It appears that Walters asked the boyfriend to leave but he refused. Sadly, Sway Bentley’s boyfriend allegedly shot and killed her father. He died fighting for his life in the street and the story gets worse.

DeAngelo Demetrius Merrill, 28, who is dating Nem Bentley, found out that her father was killed. To avenge Walters’ death, Merrill went looking for the shooter. However, he arrived at the wrong home and fatally shot an innocent man, 74-year-old James Jones. Now, the police are looking for him. We are not making this up.

Greed can cause men to be blind and foolish. Unfortunately, death is final and there is no amount of money that can bring the Bentley twins’ dad back.

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