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B. Simone talks about being in the spotlight and handling judgement

Seagram’s Escapes and Rolling out partnered to present the last installment of “Cocktails and Conversations,” a women’s empowerment tour on Saturday, June 26. The virtual event presented a conversation with influencers B. Simone (comedian, actress, MTV Wild ‘N Out), LaLa Milan (comedian, actress, BET’s Boomerang) and Claudia Jordan (talk show host, TV host, VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop Reunions) and moderator Nina Parker (entrepreneur, news correspondent, E!’s Nightly Pop, E!’s Daily Pop, E! News).

This virtual panel was designed to highlight Black women entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles they faced on their road of becoming innovators in the entertainment industry. Each of the women discussed their individual journey into the entertainment industry, and the hurdles they had to overcome to reach success.

B. Simone, who is known for experiencing some form of cyber bullying with “cancel culture”, addressed being in the spotlight and handling judgment. During the conversation, she said, “When people question your character and you have built such a fan base that trusts you and you love them, and they really look to you for guidance and leadership, that’s what hurts me [and makes me] want to explain my truth.”

Watch the clip to hear more of what she had to say. To watch a replay of the entire conversation, click here.

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