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5 unique makeup trends for Black women

5 unique makeup trends for Black women
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Too often I hear from black women that they don’t stray much in their makeup routine because they’re worried that certain looks don’t work on us. We are often told, especially us with darker skin tones, that bright colors and unique details are not for us. As more black women look to debunk this myth, here are 5 trends that I encourage black women to try out. Whether you follow trends or are looking to experiment with your look, these are relatively easy to try and pack a punch. 

One of the most striking trends that are taking over my feed is blond or dyed eyebrows. Brows are one of the most major features on your face so if you are looking to make a statement, you’ll have no problem catching eyes with this trend. You could go all out and dye them, or if you’re just experimenting try a pigmented shadow or even a colored mascara. 

If you didn’t get much of a tan this summer, don’t worry, this trend can fix that. The flushed, sunburned look will give the illusion that you spent a week on the beach. It’s easy to achieve by adding blush and sweeping it up to the temple. You can swipe some across the bridge of your nose as well to really sell it. Perfect to accentuate high cheekbones too!

Strong graphic liner is probably the most difficult of these trends to try, but the best part of this trend is there are no rules to it. Let your creativity flow and go as bold or subtle as you like. This trend can be as simple as using a bold liner color or as elaborate as adding jewels or designs to your graphic masterpiece. 

Colored mascara is such a fun and simple way to spice up an everyday look or add drama to a full face. Some colors I’ve loved on black women are blue, green, and white. This fun trend will draw attention to those beautiful eyes and can also be done with lash extensions. 

As beauty and fashion trends circle back to the 90s and 2000s, nostalgic makeup is taking over the feed and the runway. Mimicking the fresh-faced look many stars like Aaliyah, Brandy, and others mastered, heavy lipliner, thin arched brows, or minimalist skin, this trend is a few in one. Plus, if you want inspiration on this look, 90s sitcoms and shows have plenty. 

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