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Pots of Honey CEO rolls out fashion fix for big-breasted women

Pots of Honey CEO rolls out fashion fix for big-breasted women
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If there’s a common complaint for big-bosomed women, most would point to support problems and the inability to solve issues related to their fashion options. Thanks to Miami’s Pots of Honey CEO, Kiana Coney and her fashion-friendly breast tape — Tittie City Tape — breast lifts are a cinch and back pains are a thing of the past.

Coney recently sat down with rolling out to discuss her wildly popular product, which has already caught the attention of influencers such as Blac Chyna, MariahLynn and Angel Brinks, after only one year on the market.

Tell us how you went about creating this product and why.

Growing up I always had big breasts. I always had trouble where people used to call me tittie city and I never could find outfits that fit me. It just wouldn’t look right. So it was always a part of my body that made me hate it. So that’s how I started.

How old were you when you decided that you wanted to create Tittie City Tape? 

I will say when I was like 15 years old I thought about it, but you know when you’re 15 you like, “Nah, that’s not possible.” So then as I got older, the thought kind of slipped my mind and it wasn’t until last year in March when I was like, “You know what? I think I can really do it.”

So you’ve been thinking about it for 12 years. What did it take for you to take that step and create the product?

It was an outfit that I wanted to wear, but it didn’t look right. I was tired of it. I’d been going years and years dealing with this problem and decided that it was time for me to [find] the solution.

What has the response been like for you? 

To be honest, it’s been really amazing because when I first dropped it, at the time, [there] wasn’t any other Black-owned brand. So everybody, when I dropped it, was very supportive. I have been getting so much support. I’m shocked every day that everybody is really supporting me and I never knew there were [so] many people that needed it.

How much of a difference does Tittie City Tape make?

The benefits of it are, if your [breasts] sit on your lap, when you put the tape on they’re going to be sitting up on your chest. Because that’s not normally how your breasts [are]. It triggers something in you [that feels] really good. It takes away your back pains [and] it doesn’t feel like anything is on there.

Have you had any celebrity endorsements?

Recently I had Mariahlynn, Angel Brinks and Blac Chyna. So far it’s been really good. We’re getting around and as time goes on, more people [are] coming [on board].

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