Do you know your attachment style? Identifying it might save your relationship

Avoidant attachment

Avoidantly attached people are considered to be dismissive and distant in their relationships due to a fear of intimacy. Those with this attachment style tend to be overly self-reliant, while also downplaying the importance of relationships and relying on other people. They are generally viewed as emotionally unavailable and have a hard time trusting or getting close to others.

Anxious attachment

People with an anxious attachment style generally have a deep fear of abandonment. They are in constant need of validation and reassurance from their partners because they are fearful that they will one day leave them. Anxiously attached people are known to get extremely anxious when a partner doesn’t answer their calls or text back quickly enough. They are also prone to feel like their partner doesn’t care about them.

Fearful-avoidant attachment

Fearful-avoidant attachment style is a combination of both the avoidant and anxious attachment styles. This style of attachment is considered to be disorganized as those afflicted by it experience a mix of craving affection and trying to avoid it by any means possible. They have extremely high anxiety, low-self esteem, and a deep-rooted fear of rejection. Those with this attachment style can be viewed as dramatic and unpredictable, with their emotions quickly going from hot to cold. One day they might desire to feel loved by someone and the next, they are pulling away because of their reluctance to truly get close to anyone.

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