Lizzo tongue-lashes trolls

Lizzo tongue-lashes trolls
Lizzo (Image source: Instagram / @LizzoBeEating)

Lizzo has gone on an expletive-laden rant aimed at “disgusting” trolls who mocked her see-through outfit.

The “Truth Hurts” hitmaker wore nipple pasties to cover her breasts under the sheer crystal-covered gown she wore to pal Cardi B’s birthday party earlier this week, which went viral after she twerked in the head-turning ensemble.

And Lizzo has since used Instagram Live to tell the keyboard warriors to “stay the f— off my mother——- page.”

And while she insisted she doesn’t care what anybody says about her, the 33-year-old singer is angry at the constant “disrespect” people face on social media.

“It’s very funny to me that people are upset that I’m wearing a see-through outfit or that I’m twerking in a see-through outfit.

“[They’re saying], ‘This is disgusting’… Don’t you have bills to pay? Don’t you got mouths to feed, including your own? Don’t you have a life to live? Don’t you want to fall in love and make friends? Don’t you got s— to do? Go read the news, b—-, before I read you, h-. The f—! Why are you worried about me?

“Remember when people minded their own f—— business? #TBT to when people minded their own f—— business. Those were the days, boy. Where people could just wear what they want and there wasn’t a motherf—— parade or conversation or commentary about it.

“I don’t give a f— if people are mean to me. I’m rich, b—-, and I’m beautiful, and I have a beautiful family. I am good. I got friends who love me …You think I’m worried about y’all? I’m not worried about y’all. I do this because y’all continually disrespect human beings like it’s a sport.

“It seems like every single day somebody’s disrespecting somebody on the internet. Let people live, bro. Let people wear whatever the f— they wanna wear…Mind your f—— business,” she said

Lizzo then turned her back to the screen and slapped her backside and concluded: “And you know what I say to that, b—-? Kiss my a–. Kiss my fat Black a–, b—-.”

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