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CEO Mandy Bowman is showcasing Black businesses with Official Black Wall Street

CEO Mandy Bowman is showcasing Black businesses with Official Black Wall Street
Photo courtesy of Official Black Wall Street

Mandy Bowman is the CEO and founder of Official Black Wall Street. The digital platform and app make it easier to find, review and support Black-owned businesses. Bowman studied global business management and entrepreneurship at Babson College. Through this, her goal was to empower and encourage the Black community through ownership and economics. Bowman has been featured on TEDx, Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines and is on the panel of judges for Famous Amos‘ Ingredients for Success initiative.

What did it take to accomplish this?

It took a lot of trial and error. There was a lot of interviewing our customers, different focus groups, finding out what they want, and what they find valuable. Then, our membership changed a number of times where we kind of had to test out different offerings. We tried different packages that we’re offering our members to see what really hits. It was also about finding what has added value for them. So, it literally took years of trying different systems [to] see if it worked.

Have you run across many challenges with support to keep this successful?

I would say one of the biggest challenges I’ve come across is just finding good help [and] building a team. Defining a company culture and making sure that everyone fits, even when it comes to my own way that I work has been important. Also, it’s important to make sure that everyone that works with me or under me works well with my style. Because with me, I don’t like micromanaging. I love everyone to have a say in what they’re doing and to have creative input.

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