Nia Long suggests how to elevate your man for the holidays

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Besides being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Nia Long is also one of the most selective when it comes to projects outside of movies or television. Her career spans 30 years and we’ve never seen her in a television commercial until now. Long accepted the opportunity to join comedian Deon Cole and the iconic Patti LaBelle for the holiday edition of the humorous Old Spice commercial series. The series of commercials is a hilarious poke at the fact women often overlook men’s skin care needs.

We had the opportunity to chat with Long about why this campaign was different and which of her infamous love scenes she would’ve wanted to gift with the holiday pack from Old Spice.

What was it about this campaign that appealed to you in a different way than any others?

The Old Spice “Men Have Skin Too” campaign is so relatable. Old Spice has been a staple in my family since the very beginning. It started in my grandfather’s medicine cabinet with the classic Old Spice scents and carried over into my family. My older son keeps it in his gym bag. It was fun playing the therapist. Although we’re in a comedic setting, mental health maintenance is just as important as good daily hygiene.

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