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Suzette Samuel and Cora Christian detail plastic surgery shockers

Suzette Samuel and Cora Christian detail plastic surgery shockers
Suzette Samuel, left (Photo courtesy of Azu Photography); Cora Christian (Photo courtesy of Drea Nichole)

Realtor Suzette Samuel, cast member of “Black Ink Crew: New York”; and Cora Christian, body contouring expert and CEO of Beyond Beauty, are advocating for people to focus on safety when considering plastic surgery.

Samuel shares her real and raw experiences with plastic surgery, her reasoning, and what makes her a walking testimony. Christian chimes in with her firsthand experience dealing with noninvasive and invasive surgery recipients, at Beyond Beauty where she practices safer, noninvasive procedures as an alternative.

They joined rolling out‘s Health IQ for a real and raw conversation covering the shocking truths about plastic surgery.

What do you feel has popularized and influenced this surge of plastic surgeries?

Suzette Samuel: When I did my first plastic surgery, it was actually in 2014. This was when Instagram really started jumping. I’m watching these different girls killing it because of their assets, no one’s really paying attention to their face, their education or background. … Back then 2013 and 2014, if you weren’t [curvy], nobody was really paying attention to you. I had an unexpected, high-risk pregnancy, I had to quit my job, my back was against the wall and I had to make money fast.
Cora Christian: You see girls modeling these clothes and they’re making this amount of money, and we actually saw an increase in girls getting surgery to look that way. It’s always been there, but I do think that social media just kind of made it more popular and made [people feel] I need to look this way to fit in or to get this amount of money or to even get this attention.

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