Suzette Samuel and Cora Christian detail plastic surgery shockers

Cora, let’s talk a bit about your practice, how much traction do you get from male clients?
CC: We have a lot of men. We get bodybuilders in all the time, especially before their big competitions, who want to tone. And not only bodybuilding men, we get a lot of men that go under the knife as well, but you also won’t believe how many men are getting the Brazilian butt lifts and the lipo 360, so it’s not just women anymore, both sexes [are] getting surgeries.

Tell us about some of the services you offer at your practice in Mississippi.
CC: We specialize in noninvasive procedures and we also do lymphatic massages if you do get invasive surgery. We’re not opposed to surgery at all, [because there are]some things that noninvasive procedures cannot fix. But we offer healthy choices, healthier options, safer options if you want to call it that.

What message do you have for young women and men who are considering surgery of any kind?
SS: So I’m not gonna say the typical love yourself, you never know a person’s story. What I will say is research [your options], eat right, get vitamin IVs on a weekly basis, really prep your body to prepare for this and just really know what you’re going into. Talk to other patients this doctor has done as well.

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