Tonesa Welch stars in ‘American Gangster: Trap Queens’ on BET+ and shares her truth as the first lady of BMF


How do you think the BMF brand either hurt or helped BMF?
A lady named Juice was writing the magazine and they branded it. I know what their intentions were, but being in that life, that’s what hurt us because it brought so much attention. But it gave me a voice also, if it wasn’t around, I don’t think people would have realized who I am. … Nothing is worth your time and losing your children and losing yourself respect or living a life that I lived. It was glamorous, yes, but would I do it all over again, no, not like that.

How did you get the first lady of BMF moniker?

How I got my name, I think being that I used to always be the only woman that mobbed with like them all the time. I was the first lady that was indicted … with the guys.

What was prison life like? And what was one hard learned lesson that you learned while in prison?
I learned a lot there. Because I reflected on my life. I learned a lot about myself. But going through the situation, I wouldn’t put prison on anybody. You know, I got along with most of my sisters in prison. But you have people in there that control your life that are not nice people. So imagine, you know, being with people that are not nice and bringing their issues to you every day. And I think that I was treated so unfairly while imprisoned, and I had nobody to help me with that. And that’s another reason I had to call on God, like you got to get me through this. What I’ve learned is nothing was worth losing time.

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