6 common workout mistakes you are probably making

Time to hit the gym

Not getting enough rest

Not only does getting ample, quality sleep keep you energized, it also helps facilitate the growth of the muscles you have been working so hard on while training.

Going into training without having a plan or goal in mind

If you have specific goals for your body, it is also important to set a plan for each workout. Whether your goal is to lose weight or you simply want to get stronger, identifying whatever it is that you want to achieve will allow you to better structure your workouts.

Only working out one part of your body

Maybe all you want is more defined thighs or biceps – this doesn’t mean that those should be the only parts of your body that you workout. You have to mix it up. To maximize your sessions, you should be engaging multiple muscles at one time. This will help make sure that you see continued progress.

Not stretching or warming up

Stretching or warming up before a workout is imperative to prep your body and help prevent you from hurting yourself. According to fitness experts, warming up increases the temperature of your muscles, which in turn increases blood flow. This improves your circulation, which then also improves muscle elasticity making your body more limber.

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