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Shirley Walker-King’s self-help book offers tips to becoming a better you

Shirley Walker-King's self-help book offers tips to becoming a better you
[photo courtesy Shirley Walker-King]
Shirley Walker-King has a diverse background that includes being a certified life coach who empowers and helps women navigate their personal and professional journeys. Her compassionate, yet no-nonsense approach to business has garnered her several awards; Who’s Who in America’s Neighborhoods Award, Military Spouse Inspirational Leader of the Year Award, and Women of Visionary Influence Presidents Award.

King has recently penned a self-help book, 30 Days to a Better You: A Guide to Peace, Liberation, and Self-Reflection.  The book is designed to help the reader through a daily journey to becoming a better you.

What is the story behind the title, 30 Days to a Better You?
In 2016, I found myself dealing with depression after recovering from tearing my achilles while playing basketball and being in an automobile accident that challenged my physical and mental well-being. The title came about when I decided to take 30 days to regain control of my thoughts, actions and reactions.

What should readers and audiences expect from the book?
Readers should expect to find peace with unanswered questions; to trust the journey of expressing their feelings, and to acknowledge and reflect on their thoughts, actions and desires. Readers can expect an honest opportunity to get to know themselves through the process of journaling. Readers can expect to be transformed.

Shirley Walker-King's self-help book offers tips to becoming a better you

What did you like best about writing this book?
I enjoyed the freedom to tell my story, my way. Being able to see, feel and share the transformation was a bonus. The process of writing a “self-help book and journal” allowed me to gain perspective about what is really important to me. I felt my personal transformation throughout the writing process.

How important is it for Black writers and readers to have their stories told?
It’s important to hear Black stories in our own Black voices. Black writers have a responsibility to share our stories while Black readers have a responsibility to help circulate our stories beyond our culture. The Black experience is not monolithic and that should encourage every Black writer and reader to share their stories.

What advice can you offer to others who desire to be an author?
I would suggest starting with what you’ve already done. Grab that old journal, diary, or poem book and allow that to refuel the fire you once had. Then start writing again. Don’t limit your writing – just write. Have a message, know your audience and tell your story on your own terms.

What’s next for you?
I’m excited about working on my next two books simultaneously. It’s an amazing challenge that is stretching me as an author. One book is for couples while the other book will help military spouses share their journey. I have an online course and I’ll be offering group coaching in 2022.

Social Media Handles:
• Facebook/LinkedIn/IG is Shirley Walker-King
• Twitter is @MrsSWK1

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