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Nikkita Randle, founder of Twisted Eggroll, shares her idea of success

Nikkita Randle, founder of Twisted Eggroll, shares her idea of success
Photo courtesy of Nikkita Randle

Nikkita Randle, the founder of Twisted Eggroll, turned a passion for food and cooking into a successful business. What started off as a part-time catering business has morphed into successful e-commerce venture. She has recently entered the retail space. Her product is unique in that it puts a spin on the traditional eggroll with flavors such as buffalo chicken, veggie southwestern and even cheesecake as a dessert option. Rolling out spoke with Randle about her business, how the pandemic affected it and her idea of success.

What does being successful mean to you?

Success is my niece seeing an interview I recently did and believing that “TiTi” is going to be rich and have a mansion with a pool. In order to create generational wealth, the most important thing is a renewing of the mind. My niece and nephew see a different image of what could be. It pushes them to strive for more. If every generation that comes after me can achieve more from watching my efforts, that’s success in my book.

What is the motto that you live by?

Be intentional on who is in your inner circle. This group can breathe life into you. They can support you, pray for you, plant seeds, impart wisdom, and so much more.

Talk about the pivot you were able to make at the start of the pandemic.

Pre-pandemic, 80% of the business was corporate catering. I shut down the business for 18 months to rebrand and watch trends. Two things remained constant: grocery stores were open and online sales were soaring. I knew I had to get into those sectors; so with pandemic funding and taking a Good Food Accelerator course the frozen consumer packaged good line was created.

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