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Blake A-L Boyd touts the importance of storytelling in ‘The Time of Alexander’

Blake A-L Boyd touts the importance of storytelling in 'The Time of Alexander'
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Blake Alexander-Lewis Boyd is a thoughtful and endearing person who is known for his motto, “There are no limits to creative abilities beyond those we prepare for ourselves or accept without proof — in my own way.” That belief has been critical to his success as an author, entrepreneur and designer, and has inspired Boyd to write his new book, The Time of Alexander. 

Often referred to his by his pen name, Blake A-L Boyd, he plans to put forward his life as proof of his beliefs and values as he continues developing his craft to add greater value to his community relationships by being an efficient and effective communicator.

What is the story behind the title The Time of Alexander?
It’s a play on words, inspired by oral history and [the] importance of story-telling when it comes to passing on key life lessons from one person to another, or generation to generation.

Was it a deliberate decision to write this book?
Yes, because the book began as a book titled Morning After, revolving around a mysterious and abrupt occurrence that left the main character retracing time to remember [a] sequence of events. When it finally came time to publish the book, I edited several stories down to a form that is now The Time of Alexander.

What should readers and audiences expect from the book?
Poetic-like storytelling with cliff-hangers and unexpected encounters.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?
Editing the stories from their original length to what is presented in the book. Many of the stories are elaborated on beyond The Time of Alexander. In volume II-IX certain stories will be furthered, and [the] ideal reader may read Volume I wondering which stories are quintessential to The Time of Alexander.

What did you like best about writing this book?
The process of getting the stories out of my head and the pain of editing. The journey that is still unraveling.

What inspires you to write?
My opportunity to live inspires me, especially if I have experiences and syntheses that could be valuable and unique.

Blake A-L Boyd touts the importance of storytelling in 'The Time of Alexander'

How important is it for Black writers and readers to have their stories told?
It is absolutely paramount for Black writers and readers to have an increasing space to share our authentic selves.

More works need to be done internationally to capture the sophisticated, [cultural] power of Black people. In my travels, I came to learn that strangers only know what they see in the popular media. That tells me the role and narrative of Blacks ought to be as firsthand authentic as possible.

Who motivates you and why?
My mother motivates me, her work ethic and way of bringing me up lent to me feeling empowered to present The Time of Alexander in the way I have.

What advice can you offer to others who desire to write?
“Never quit,” like Master P said.

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