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Why Willow Smith’s letter to Tupac could make things worse for Will Smith

Why Willow Smith’s letter to Tupac could make things worse for Will Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith (Photo credit: Splash News)

Days after Will Smith laid the palm of his hand against Chris Rock’s face, a letter that was allegedly written to Tupac Shakur by Willow Smith has resurfaced on the web.

For reference, Jada Pinkett Smith was very close to the late rapper, and many thought that they may have dated at one point. Will Smith also has spoken out before and said that he felt tortured by the bond that Jada and Tupac shared.

The letter reads, “I know you are alive some place I think my mommy really misses you. Can you please come back[?] Can you come back so momy [mommy] and me can be happy! I wish you were here … I really Do. Love, Willow.”

The letter was reported to be written in 2011 when Willow was just 11 years old. Also, Willow wasn’t born when Tupac died, which makes this letter seem pretty strange.

Many people that have seen the story are dismissing the message, but others think that Willow may have written the letter. Kevin Samuels, a viral (and in some quarters, maligned) relationship “adviser,” had a few comments about the letter and thinks that it’s a bad look for Will Smith.

If this letter was indeed written by Willow, it seems Jada is still mourning Shakur, and she hasn’t kept it much of a secret if her children know. But what does this say about Jada and Will’s relationship if it’s true?
Like Samuels said in the video, “your wife is in love with a dead man.” With all the negative publicity that Will has received over the past week, he doesn’t need to be the subject of another trending topic in the news.
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