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Solange Knowles about to become a grandmother at 35?

Solange Knowles about to become a grandmother at 35?
Solange Knowles (Photo Credit: Splash News)

Solange was trending on social media on April 10, and not because of her astonishing music career.

The Southwestern artist who dropped the classic albums A Seat at the Table and When I Get Home, trended on Twitter because of a series of posts a teenage girl made, accusing the 35-year-old musician’s son and Beyoncé‘s nephew of getting her pregnant.

Instagram user @dontcareabynunyoutb posted screenshots of her text message thread with Solange’s 17-year-old son, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. The screenshots have since been deleted, but a TikTok user grabbed screenshots of the Instagram post, and the conversation is making its social-media rounds.

The screenshots depict Smith texting the user, referred to as “Adore” how he wanted to get intimate with her. Then, other screenshots show Smith asking Adore if she was going to take a Plan B.

“Noooo,” Adore replied to Smith, according to the screenshots. “Just do it and pray.”

“You sure?” Smith replied.

“Yessss, I am sure,” Adore responded.

It appeared Smith began to go over with Adore the possible outcome of  him becoming a teenage father. Solange had Smith when she was 18.

“My mom didn’t have eyes on her at that age,” Smith allegedly texted Adore. “I do.”

Smith then allegedly texted he was going to start distancing himself from Adore because he didn’t want to “get attached.”

“If you have a kid, I need to mentally get ready for that,” Smith allegedly texted. “So that’s what I’m doing.”

Adore then responded she was already attached to him and she’s previously told him that.

“Okay, well I need to start detaching my emotions,” Smith allegedly responded. “It’s just a mental thing.”

In the Instagram caption featuring the screenshots, Adore asked her followers if they thought he was in the wrong or she was in the wrong.

“He is literally so scared of his parents he can’t even think straight,” the caption read.

Adore also accused Smith of having a loud mouth and she held back on posting more of their conversations that would “actually embarrass” him.

A few fans also pointed out Smith lives with his father, and not Solange.

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