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BLM co-founder sobs after being harassed by Candace Owens (videos)

BLM co-founder sobs after being harassed by Candace Owens (videos)
BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors (Image source: Instagram – @osopepatrisse)

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors sobbed while describing the ceaseless harassment she and her organization have been allegedly barraged with over the past couple of years.

Cullors claims that far-right zealots and ideologues have been promulgating propaganda and blatant lies in an effort to portray the BLM as a corrupt national organization that misappropriated public funds for personal gratification.

The main source of contention has been the $6 million-dollar home that was purchased in Southern California that was supposed to operate as a safe haven for freedom fighters and creatives. The far right doesn’t believe it and has been hell-bent on “exposing” the BLM.

This culminated in former liberal-turned-Donald Trump disciple Candace Owens stopping at Cullors’ house demanding answers for the homes and other alleged questionable BLM purchases.

“She was demanding that I come outside,” said Cullors, 38. Cullors broke down while addressing her concerns about her safety. “What happened this morning is not safety. It’s not what I deserve.”

BLM co-founder sobs after being harassed by Candace Owens (videos)

Owens, 33, responded by posting her own video and mocking Cullors’ alleged “crocodile tears” and assuredly surmising that Cullors is frightful that her organization is about to be exposed on a massive scale.

“This is insane. In real time right now, I am watching Patrisse Cullors do a live claiming that I went to her property and demanded to speak to her,” Owens began, saying that she posed no threat because she’s very pregnant.

“Nobody asked us to leave,” Owens continued, adding that “it was just me ringing the doorbell trying to speak to someone. He said absolutely nothing. He started recording us.”

Owens said they decided to leave after that.

Listen to Owens below:

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