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Social media influencer Christianna Hurt is helping college kids with finances

Christianna Hurt is helping college kids with their finances with her platform
Social media influencer Christianna Hurt is helping college kids with finances
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Christianna Hurt is a seven-figure-earner. She is also a college graduate, a well-rounded traveler, a respected fashion influencer, and the founder of Wealthy College Kid. Hurt’s specialty is in driving online traffic to successful e-commerce brands, a business she has been building over the last few years. She currently has over 50,000 students enrolled in her digital courses and over 1,000 accounts of student success from her brand.

What is Wealthy College Kid?

Wealthy College Kid was created in 2018, as I had just made my first million in revenue. I felt like I was at a point where I could duplicate it. I had been talking about teaching people and giving free tips and things like that, but I really wasn’t setting it apart. So I created Wealthy College Kid to be a reflection of everything I wanted to be when I was broke and I looked in the mirror … which was just the simplicity of [not wanting] to be a broke college kid anymore.

You associate college students with the word “broke,” and I just felt like I didn’t want to be that. I wanted to graduate and be where I wanted to be, but you hear the word “debt” with graduation, and I just didn’t feel like my life was going to be a reflection of that. So I started helping people [make] money fast and consistently with simple things like retail arbitrage or drop-shipping on platforms that don’t cost money to list on.

Who else are you helping besides college kids?

I do have a few 19- and 20-year-olds, but some of these people are in their late 30s. They went to school, they did a job, they were a bank teller, or real estate agent, and they’re just burnt out. Their dream career or field that they’re in did not provide the income for the life that they felt they deserved. A lot of people who really resonated with me after I lost my son were single moms and people that suffer from miscarriages. One in three women has a miscarriage in her lifetime, so a lot of people resonated with that and were able to pull a direct deposit from depression and pull hustle from heartbreak.

Why is social media important today?

I feel like it’s extremely important because people use social media for reviews, what to eat for a date night, and people are using it as a center to find out what they’re doing or what’s going on in the world. You can literally make a six-, seven-, or eight-figure business from social media. We grew my other business, The Boss Palace, in 11 months to $10.4 million using social media. But it’s also important to understand an off button. I use these apps and social media to provide for myself and provide for the people I love.

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