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D.L. Hughley says this former president should go to jail

The outspoken comedian believes Trump greatly endangered American democracy by trying to overturn a fair election
D.L. Hughley says this former president should go to jail
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Uncompromisingly forthright comedian D.L. Hughley said there has been more than ample evidence unveiled during the Jan. 6 insurrection hearings to warrant former President Donald Trump spending time behind bars.

Hughley did not mix words about what he believes Trump’s fate should be after listening to shocking testimony from former aides during the grueling interrogations by lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

“I think it is clear that the former president of the United States committed treason, it was sedition,” he said bluntly while being grilled by “TMZ” at the Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, July 4. “I believe that the Justice Department … if they don’t indict everyone involved, including the former president, then we need to take the idea of justice in America off the table because it doesn’t exist.”

Hughley added that Trump weaponized the mob to storm the U.S. Capitol – the epicenter of American democracy – to overturn an election. Political pundits say the actions of the overzealous multitude of Trump supporters greatly imperiled the sovereignty of the nation.

Worse, Hughley added, “Trump committed the very [election] fraud that he was telling his supporters was being committed,” Hughley added. “He should go to jail.”

The Kings of Comedy alum said Trump’s actions – which according to testimony delivered by the likes of Cassidy Hutchinson included Trump wanting to lead the march onto Capitol Hill and to turn off the metal detectors as the mob busted through the human barricade. That this was “way worse than Watergate. People got killed,” Hutchinson said.

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