After Diddy’s comments, do you think R&B is dead?

Diddy claims the genre is dead
After Diddy's comments, do you think R&B is dead?
Diddy (Photo credit: Bang Media)

There has been much debate on social media over the past few days about R&B and if it’s on his last leg. During an Instagram live with Timbaland, Diddy put it out to the world that the genre is just not the same anymore.

“R&B is motherf—— dead as of right now,” Diddy said last week. “The R&B I made babies to? R&B gotta be judged to a certain thing, it’s the feeling. You gotta be able to sing for R&B and then you gotta tell the truth. R&B is not a hustle. This s— is about feeling your vulnerability.”

To try and add some validity to his statement, Diddy brought numerous R&B stars into the conversation, like Mary J. Blige who had an interesting take.

“You can’t kill R&B because it’s in us,” Blige said. “They want to call it popular music when Adele and Justin Bieber get a hold of it.”

Of course, the current R&B stars had a thing to say about Diddy’s comments.

Brent Faiyaz tweeted; “Don’t nobody care about music genres anymore, dat s— primitive. sauce dat s— up and let it fly.

Chris Brown, one of the hottest R&B and hip-hop artists in today’s age added his thoughts as well. “When’s the last time you heard a slow song on the radio,” Brown said on Instagram. “N—– saying R&B is dead … respectfully shut up!”

Once Diddy saw he may have been stirring the pot too much, he walked back his comments on Twitter.

From just a few opinions, it seems as if the R&B stars of the past and present are mostly in agreement that the genre isn’t dead. The sound may be different, but the message still rings the same.

Do you think R&B is dead?

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