Museums and other attractions in the US will be free on this day in September

The Smithsonian magazine invites you to participate in this annual celebration
Museums and other attractions in the US will be free on this day in September
The African Elephant in the Museum of Natural History (Photo credit: / NaughtyNut)

The Smithsonian magazine recently announced that Museum Day would be returning this year, which provides free entry to all museums in the United States on Sept. 17. What people don’t know is this could give you free access to other participating attractions as well.

National Museum Day is returning for the 18th year to showcase some of the historical and cultural institutions in the country. This year’s theme, American Experience, will be “a spotlight on wonderful arts, culture, sciences, innovation and history exhibits across the country,” according to a Smithsonian news release.

As the world continues to shift more toward a digital world, museums, zoos, and other attractions sometimes result in being at the bottom of the list of fun activities to do. It’s important to re-instill the significance of historical and cultural attractions not just for kids, but for adults too. Let’s not forget about the art of wholesome fun.

What people aren’t aware of is that Museum Day will also provide free access to zoos and cultural centers throughout the United States. Museums, zoos, and cultural centers are family-friendly forms of entertainment than can also be important learning experiences too. Since it falls on a Saturday, this could make a great family outing, an educational moment for kids, a day with friends, or even a date with a special someone.

Tickets have been available since August, but there is still time to claim a free ticket for yourself. Visit the Smithsonian magazine website to claim your free tickets.

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