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iOS 16 Apple update adds new diverse and ethnic features

Find out the newest inclusive features in the latest iPhone update
iPhone 7 release for business
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Apple is back again with another update, but this time with more diverse and ethnic features for every iPhone user. Before Sept. 7, users began to receive news that an update was on the way. Many also experienced that their iPhone devices began to move somewhat slower.

Although this has been denied by Apple, some iPhone customers believe that the slowing of devices is a tactic to make people update their phones or even purchase the newest iPhone, which was released on Sept. 16.

The iPhone 14 which also includes the iOS 16 update will provide several long-awaited updates with a little something for everyone. As far as the memojis, iPhone users can expect more sticker poses, contact stickers, and also more hairstyles, headwear, and features such as nose and lip colors to suit more ethnic audiences.

The most shocking update happened to be the hair bonnet feature catering to the Black community. As this seems like a nice gesture, iPhone users are still waiting for the Black family emoji.

iOS 16 Apple update adds new diverse and ethnic features
(Image source: Twitter- @charligurrl)

Other surprising features from the update will include editing text messages and undoing send for up to two minutes, adding a call hang-up feature where you can verbally tell Siri to hang up the call, and even recovering deleted messages.

Many took to social media to share their opinions.

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