Benny Pough shares his life story in the book ‘On Impact’

Benny Pough is inspiring others through his life story
Benny Pough shares his life story in the book 'On Impact'
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Benny Pough is a respected and influential name in the music industry. He’s held executive roles at major record labels like Motown, Def Jam and MCA Records, including his tenure as the former executive vice president of Epic Records and the former president of Roc Nation Music.

In 2014, a near-fatal car accident changed Pough’s life forever. Today, that transformative experience has prompted him to share his story with the world through the release of his first memoir. With On Impact, Pough is poised to inspire others by sharing truths that guided him through years of unparalleled success – from intern to CEO.
How were your emotions writing this book?
For me, it was therapy because it brought me into a place I’ve never been before as far as vulnerability. The accident was probably the first time I’ve actually ever been vulnerable at that level, where I couldn’t be the person that I used to be because of the limitations of the accident, physically and mentally. It also helped me to become stronger and take off the old skin and now become a new person. It was an amazing journey to get to the point of completion with this book.
Were there any books or authors that gave you inspiration while writing?
What’s amazing for me in preparing for this book, I went out in a hole. I didn’t want other ideas, I didn’t want other inferences. I wanted to be this solely about myself and tapping into that source. I also go back to a childhood favorite that I’ve loved which is The Alchemist. That’s what I’ve always thought about this book is becoming an evergreen space for young entrepreneurs and music people who are not sure where they want to go and where they want to be. I hope that this book becomes a blueprint guideline for them.
What’s one thing you want people to takeaway from this book?
Never give up. I almost lost my life, and in my book I talk about multiple opportunities that I’ve won and lost, and at the end of the day, I just never gave up. If I can do it, you can do it too. That may sound very cliche, but ultimately, it’s about one’s belief in themselves. No one else can help you believe in yourself more than you can believe in you. It’s in this book. You will see the journey that I’ve gone through the ups and downs, just to get to the point where you know, if nothing else, you’re happy with yourself.
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