Future, the toxic king, says he wants to get married

Rapper plans to get married when the time is right
Future, the toxic king, says he wants to get married
Rapper Future (Photo credit: Hubert Boesl via Bang Media)

Future has been known as the toxic king for years. His music shows that he’s not looking for a relationship, and even his last album title, I Never Liked You, tells you all you need to know about the rapper.

Apparently, it doesn’t look like his lyrics match how he really feels about a future with someone else. During a recent interview with Billboard, the Atlanta rapper opened up about wanting to get married.

“If I was married, at home with my kids, it’d be way different,” Future said. “That’s a life I never lived. It’s something you dream about. That’s one of my dreams.”

Even though Future says he wants to get married, he isn’t thinking about going down the aisle anytime soon.

“It’s easy for other people, but for me, this rock star lifestyle, it don’t jell well,” Future added. “For even creating music, I just feel like I’m missing out on something if I don’t make the music a certain kind of way.”

When the time is right in Future’s life, he says he’ll finally decide to settle down.

“That’s just a whole ’nother lifestyle that I haven’t even got a chance to live,” Future said. “I understand that it’s something I would love, and when the time presents itself, I want to make sure I just live that to the fullest. But I don’t really think about that s—, like having a wife and s—. But I want a wife. Everybody around me wants me to have a wife more than I want a wife.”

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