How to know when to walk away from your mate

7 reasons to end your relationship
How to know when to walk away from your mate
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Cuffing season is in full force and won’t let up until after Valentine’s Day, which means bonds between people are either growing stronger or growing apart. During the colder months, it is easier to see which type of person you are in a relationship due to work slowdown and the uptick in social events. This is an especially good time to determine if your partner is truly right of a long term relationship or is more of an escort and companion for seasonal activities.

Whether you’ve been together for years, months, or just a few weeks here are some signs that it may be time to walk away from your boyfriend.

Conflicting values

No matter how much you want things to work sometimes, you and your boyfriend’s values may not align. Someone may be ready for marriage and on the contrary, someone may be more focused on their career. It is possible to sort one’s differences, but sometimes you may have to call it quits if you can’t find a healthy compromise.

Lack of respect

This is a strong sign it may be time to walk away if either party is disrespectful. This could look like calling someone out of their name, being sneaky, slighting each other, or even being manipulative. A key sign is less intimacy in the bedroom

If the relationship was built on sex, the chemistry can fizzle out if you and your boyfriend failed to form a more substantial bond. Other times, a lack of intimacy shows there is some sort of disconnect between both parties, or something is not being communicated.

Conversations are fewer

Sometimes if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you may run out of things to talk about or even stop enjoying the little things together. This could be due to boredom or simply a loss of interest.

Chemistry fizzles

Whenever a relationship starts to become a chore or mundane, it may be hard to save. It’s best to try and reexamine the relationship before it gets to this point because most times both parties want out but just don’t know how to end things. This may be a sign it’s time to let go and take some time for yourself.

Outgrowing your partner

This is something that happens to people who have been in a relationship for a while but sometimes it may be only for a season. Most times people show you who they want you to see in the beginning, but eventually, the real them will show. This may have you questioning if you were ever truly aligned.

You start to notice other men

When you start to notice other men giving you attention, this may be a sign your feelings are starting to fade. When the relationship is new, all you see is your partner. It’s up to you to know deep down if this relationship feels right for you.

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